Monday, November 26, 2012

Risk Management and Eco Bicester

Following the visit to Eco Bicester (read about it here), students on the MSc Project Management in the Built Environment took part in a workshop to identify the risks for the project.

The workshop was coordinated by Franco Cheung (who also took the photographs). There were two guest speakers from Davis Langdon: Richard Newey (Management Consultant) and Eadaoin MacDonagh (Senior Consultant) who gave a presentation on 'Risk Management in the London Olympics' during the morning.

Richard Newey, Management Consultant at Davis Langdon

Eadaoin MacDonagh, Senior Consultant at Davis Langdon

In the afternoon, the students divided into three groups to brainstorm the causes and consequences of the risks they had identified for the Eco Bicester project. Not surprisingly, the groups came up with different approaches to the task and came together at the end of the afternoon to share their ideas and experiences. An enjoyable day!

Richard Newey and Eadaoin MacDonagh are both very experienced risk managers. Take a look at this interview with Eadaoin MacDonagh to find out how she went from Graduate Surveyor to Senior Consultant. Alongside being a Management Consultant, Richard Newey takes part in Iron Man competitions and has climbed Everest (amongst other things). You can follow his activities on Twitter if you want to know more!

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