Thursday, June 20, 2019

School of the Built Environment Graduation 2019

Graduation 2019 took place on a cool Monday 17 June. The ceremonies and reception took place back on the main campus in the newly refurbished Kenneth Wheare Hall and the JHB Building. The photos (and video) show the story of the day - photos and videos by the Ed and Daniel Vicars (Real Estate and Construction) and Uzma Khan (Planning and Urban Design)...

Students from courses in Real Estate or Construction graduated in the first ceremony - the staff are getting ready...

Inside the hall and...

...processing out.

(Some of) the prizes for students in Real Estate and Construction - presented by Ramin Keivani (Head of SBE) 

The Graduation Reception for Real Estate and Construction...

...and for students in Planning and Urban Design... 

...who graduated in the second ceremony of the day.

The traditional hat throwing ceremony...

...and the paparazzi.

That's it until the next round of graduation ceremonies at the end of August. If you would like further information about any of our courses, take a look at our website:

Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Netherlands Field Trip 2019

Snow in Rotterdam  © George Blumberg

The field trip to The Netherlands is an annual event which brings together postgraduate and undergraduate students from across four MSc and two BSc programmes in the School of the Built Environment. The two groups of students have their own itineraries for the field trip, both of which aim to integrate knowledge gained in the early part of the students' programmes, to develop team skills and to build relationships. Site visits and walking tours are backed up with a series of presentations from local experts focusing on: planning strategy, sustainability and urban design considerations, the mix of dwelling types, retail and community buildings, infrastructure plans, planning for flooding/rising sea levels, and sustainable and innovative building technologies.

This year, the blog focuses on the undergraduate field trip - thanks to George Blumberg for all the photos. Click on the blue links for more information about the place visited.

The students (and staff) set off on 20 January and returned on 24 January. In between, they visited the following places:

The Antwerpen Morgen Pavilion and the MAS Museum in Belgium (on the way to The Netherlands). The trip included a drive-by of the Antwerp Port House designed by Zaha Hadid.

In Amsterdam...
Amsterdam Museum - for a lecture and visit.
Amsterdam Central Library - for lunch
Tours of: Ijberg, Houthaven and the Zuidas area

Boijmans Museum - for a look around and a presentation
Rotterdam Information Centre - for a lecture
Rotterdam Markthal - for lunch
FutureLand - for a visit and talk

The Infocentre for a presentation and tour
National Military Museum

And Breda...
Central Station Breda for a presentation and tour
Breda - for a look round and a coffee in the historic town centre before returning to Oxford

Antwerp and the MAS Museum  © George Blumberg

Amsterdam: in and around Houthaven (and the BOTEL)  © George Blumberg

Houthaven  © George Blumberg

The Anne Frank mural on the side of the new Street Art Museum  © George Blumberg

More street art at the NDSM Wharf  © George Blumberg

Pointsteiger a unique residential development in Houthaven  © George Blumberg

Arriving in a snowy Rotterdam  © George Blumberg

Presentation on Rotterdam (with snow)  © George Blumberg

Rotterdam tour...  © George Blumberg

...and snowball fight  © George Blumberg

De Markthal for lunch  © George Blumberg

Getting off the ferry to visit FutureLand  © George Blumberg

George's great photos of FutureLand  © George Blumberg

Presentation in Utrecht  © George Blumberg

Finding out more about Utrecht  © George Blumberg

Bike park in Utrecht  © George Blumberg

The tour of Utrecht...  © George Blumberg

...which was pretty cold  © George Blumberg

The Skyscraper Whale - drawing attention to the problem of plastic waste in seas and rivers 
 © George Blumberg

Utrecht  © George Blumberg

At the National Military Museum  © George Blumberg

Presentation in Breda  © George Blumberg

Hi George :)  © George Blumberg

For more information on our undergraduate courses in construction, take a look here:

BSc Construction Project Management
BSc Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Building Towers

The new undergraduate students on the BSc Construction Project Management and the BSc Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management have been building a lot of towers recently, first with shoes and then with paper and tape. The activities made for great ice-breakers and also some pretty good photos...

OK, so why is this guy asking us to take our shoes off?

Trying to build the biggest tower...

...and the winning tower.

Just paper and tape...

...and a lot of imagination.

And the tallest tower is (on the left).

And finally, the best tower detail :)

Like what you see? Find out more about our undergraduate courses in construction here:

BSc Construction Project Management
BSc Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management

And more on the blog here:

Undergraduate students at work

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

School of the Built Environment Graduation 2018

Graduation 2018 took place on a sunny (but not too hot) Monday 18 June. This year the ceremony and reception moved back across the bridge from Headington Hill Hall to the newly refurbished Kenneth Wheare Hall and the JHB Building. So things were a bit different this year...the photos show the story of the day and showcase our new buildings very nicely.

Outside the Clerici Building
Before the ceremony...

...and the staff are getting ready.

And being given their instructions for the stage.

Lining up for the...

...procession into the Kenneth Wheare Hall


...and finally inside the ceremony itself.

The staff line up to applaud the new graduates... they leave the hall.

The journey through the JHB Building... the Terrace.

Lunch :)

The traditional hat throw...

...and the hat that had to be rescued.

The photographers gallery...

...the undergraduate prizes...

...and the postgraduate prizes.

Now that you've graduated, don't forget to keep in touch. Join one of our alumni groups on LinkedIn...a great way of keeping in touch with your mates and the School of the Built Environment at Oxford Brookes. We use our groups to post job opportunities, source mentors (for the Real Estate Mentoring Scheme), share news and to use your experiences to inform our course development, so make sure you join!

Real Estate Management
Construction, QS and Project Management
Urban Design, Planning and Development
Real Estate Investment Finance (REIF)

Finally, for yet more photos, take a look at the SBE Graduation 2018 album on the School of the Built Environment Facebook page.