Monday, November 26, 2012

Award winning project inspired by MSc dissertation

Andy Smith graduated from the MSc Project Management in the Built Environment in December 2011. Andy works as a Senior Construction and Design Manager for World Duty Free Group and studied for his MSc as a distance-learning student. When it came to his dissertation he decided to use a real-life case study based at Birmingham Airport. The project that followed has just been awarded the Champion of Champions accolade at the Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practice, as well as the Retail Green Champion award. The award-winning project focused on the development of an energy assessment model for concession based retail organisations and was based on the World Duty Free Store at Birmingham Airport. Thanks to Andy and the World Duty Free Group for allowing us to use the following information on our blog.

The following is an extract from the original dissertation abstract:

This dissertation seeks to address this issue in a very practical way with an academic grounding to give an organisation a visibility framework for a project or programme in order to make investment decisions. It has developed a tool to simplistically assess technologies with Key Performance Indicators in energy consumption, capital and operational cost. The research has been targeted at retailers who operate in a fit-out only arena as they do not normally construct buildings. A case study retail unit (Duty Free concessionaire) has been used at Birmingham Airport to carry out this exploratory research.

The case study was framed around the electrical and HVAC systems and was successful in providing evidence to support additional investment in far more energy efficient technology A per square area reduction in power consumption of 54% was achieved against an existing unit. The method of assessment ensures the project is assessed as it designed, built,
commissioned and lastly occupied, something which many assessment tools and frameworks fail to provide.

The research concludes by recommending further development of the method to incorporate other areas of the build. It also suggests aggregation of construction activities by rolling up the output of the tool. By using a grading system it provides the tangible elements for communication needed for organisations today which operate in both a global and local market.

And the full project report:


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