Friday, September 21, 2012

The Corridor

You may have noticed that the Darcy Building has disappeared over the summer. In case you don't believe me, here's proof:

And here's where we are now...

That's the DREC corridor on the first floor of the Abercrombie Building. In the old part of the building. And our locations office by office:
AB104: Rebecca Gee, Sally Sims and David Shiers
AB105: it could only be Nick French
AB106: Joe Tah (Head of Department)
AB107: Gina Dalton and Michael Hill
AB108: Mark Austin, Albert Cao and Christos Vidalakis
AB109: George Blumberg and Zhihong Wong
AB110 (the first bit): Max Muncaster, Peter Dent, Richard Grover and Nick Spencer-Chapman 
AB110 (the second bit): Mike Stubbs, Mike Patrick, Vivienne Spurge and Rachel Dixon 
AB111: Phil Turner, Claire Roberts and Ye Xu
AB112: Franco Cheung, Esra Kurul and Youngha Cho

That's the corridor. There are a few members of the Department who do not live on the corridor...
  • Ramin Keivani, Judith Britnell and the PhD students live in the Buckley Building (second floor)
  • Sofia Hussain, Andressa Minogue and Charlotte Morgan (the Programme Administrators) live in AB221 which is on the second floor of the Abercrombie Building (in the new bit)
  • Ray Salter is the Technology Laboratory Manager and he lives in Technology Laboratory/Architecture Workshop
And finally...the Student Support Coordinators (Michele, Bethanie and Diane) live on the third floor in the new bit of the Abercrombie Building - students please note that if you have any problems, this is who you should go to see!

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