Monday, April 2, 2012

Presentations at the Taylorian

Friday 30 March 2012 

As the first year Integrative Project module draws to a close, the students (real estate, construction and planning students) went down to the Taylorian in Oxford to give their final presentations for the module. The students had a session on presentation skills and a briefing on design and construction presentations the previous week - so they were fully prepared! The Taylorian or Taylor Institution is located in the heart of Oxford next to the Ashmolean Museum and provided a stunning location for the day. I went down to take some photos of the location and the presentations.

The Taylorian

A very serious Prince Edward who opened the Taylorian in 1932 

If you have been following the blog, you may remember that the students went on a field trip to the City of London and Guildhall in February (if not read the full story here). During the field trip the students (working in teams) were all given a particular development site or corridor to appraise together with a reading pack and a list of references. Each student was then asked to prepare a 10 minute individual presentation on their appraisal of the development site/corridor allocated to the team using a combination of the information gained on the field trip and individual research. The students were asked to look at the developments  in terms of: architecture; construction; heritage; urban design; sustainability and ability to meet market trends.

Waiting to make their presentations

Not looking too nervous

Waiting for the students to arrive (not sure who the guy in the corner is)

As well as staff from the Department, the session was attended by a number of representatives from industry - Knight FrankCushman&Wakefield and Savills were all represented. They were there to listen to the student presentations and also give their own presentation about ideas for summer placements. Summer placements, whether paid internships or unpaid job shadowing, are a great idea as they give students first hand experience of working in industry. The students had plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

The industry reps give their presentations
The day closed with the final student presentations.

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