Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Crossrail Field Trip May 2015

On 4 May 2015 a group of construction students (and several staff) were given the opportunity to visit the Crossrail development taking place at Woolwich. The visit included a walk through the tunnel under the Thames which will link Crossrail with Woolwich. The tunnel is soon to be fitted out with tracks and equipment so it really was a very unique experience. 

For more information about the development at Woolwich, take a look at the following:

Crossrail at Woolwich
Crossrail and the proposed residential development at Woolwich
Woolwich housing estates and regeneration

And now for some photos, taken by Myles McAuliffe:

Starting out north of the Thames.
Climbing down into the tunnel.

Through the tunnel and under the Thames to the new Crossrail station at Woolwich.

And back again.

Group shot.

Click on the blue links to find out more about Crossrail and the impact it will have on property prices in London and beyond.

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