Monday, May 20, 2013

MSc PMBE Study Week - the last one for 2012-13!

The full-time students on the MSc Project Management and the Environment met with the distance-learning students for the May 2013 Study Week and the last one of the 2012-13 session.

Aside from the usual study, revision and dissertation sessions, the students were given the unique opportunity to see inside a very special restoration project taking place in Oxford: the restoration and cleaning of the roof of the Natural History Museum. Photos by George Blumberg.

The Natural History Museum was designed by the famous Irish architectural team, Deane and Woodward, which won the contract through a contest held by the Museum Delegates in 1854 (the Museum opened in 1860). One of the few stipulations of the contest was that the design had to feature a glass and iron roof to cover the court, and that the Museum had to be built for less than £30,000 (information extracted from the NHM website). Now 150 years old, the glass roof is being given a much needed clean. Take a look at the NHM blog for some more information and some interesting finds (like the 150 year old graffiti).

Students and staff also went out for a's a report (and some photos) from Esra Kurul, the Programme Leader:

'The meal was a lovely occasion. The students decided to dress up as it marked the end of the taught part of the programme. As we did not know until late that afternoon, staff (except George) were all dressed-down relatively speaking. The meal happened to coincide with one of the student's birthday. Ezgi (Yurtseven) blew candles on a birthday cake and we sang her 'happy birthday to you' in her own language: Turkish!'

Thanks to Eliana Linarez Gonzalez for the photos. For more information about the MSc Project Management in the Built Environment click on the link.

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