Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The New Building

The Department is moving into the Abercrombie Building this week. Some into the new bits and some into the refurbished part. I have been taking photos this week as the building changes and starts to fill up with people. The refurbished building is faced in wood and the new part is glass. Makes for some amazing views - if you can bear to look down! Photos by Rachel Dixon.

Down on the ground floor of the atrium

Stairs going up from the ground floor with a lime wall

View from the top (4th) floor (spot the hoover)

The corridor past the new office for the admin team

The stairs in the refurbished part of the building have become rather beautiful

Looking out onto what will be one of the glass bridges connecting old and new

Looking from the old into the new

Back on the ground floor where a number of cafes will be located

The stairs again

The Departmental Office moved last week and the DREC Troll helped to document the journey. Take a look at the move on our Hot Property blog.

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