Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wayne's World

After hearing a recent interview with Wayne Hemingway about his latest projects and also his views on Swindon, I decided to investigate further. It started back in 2005 when Wayne suggested that various housing developments in Swindon resembled a prison. And decided to make his point using photoshop. Various discussions about the Wimpeyfication of the UK followed as the Hemingways (that's Wayne and Geraldine) decided the issues needed airing in the national press.


The result was somewhat surprising. Taylor Wimpey challenged the Hemingways to do better. Did they? See what you think of the result at the Staiths South Bank development in Gateshead. And watch the following video find out the thinking behind the development. A lot more than just somewhere to live.

Pay a visit the Hemingway Design website for more information on this and other projects. Why do I have a soft spot for Wayne? He's from Morecambe.

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