Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not Just Hard Hats

Did you know that the MSc Project Management in the Built Environment is available as a distance-learning programme? Liam Sloane, one of our distance-learning students came into the Department the other day and I took the opportunity to have a chat with him about what he is doing and how the programme has helped him in his work.

Liam is using experiences and techniques from the MSc programme to shape the way in which he works in the construction industry. He has been steadily building a portfolio of rental property in Oxford and is now branching out into the Manchester student market where yields are greater. But Liam has not just been acquiring properties to rent out, he has involved himself and his family in the process from the outset, purchasing properties in a dilapidated state and then redeveloping them to a high standard before making them available on the rental market. As well as using the skills of his family, Liam has had to subcontract some of the work that they cannot do themselves, and it is here that Liam has found himself putting into action the skills he has learned about during the MSc programme.

There are a couple of modules that Liam found particularly helpful out in the real world: Management Theory and Human Behaviour and Opportunity and Risk Management.

The first of these modules focuses on the human side of the construction industry, a side too often hidden by the hard hats image. Its focus is on: management theory and approaches; organisational and human behaviour; conflict theory and resolution and learning from experience. All set within the Project Management environment.

The second module, Opportunity and Risk Management, provides an opportunity to explore how risk and uncertainty can be managed in both organisations and projects. Useful skills for Project Managers who often have to achieve goals set before all the risks are known. 

Liam is now concentrating on completing his MSc and final dissertation as well as developing his property portfolio. His aim is to become known as a responsible developer and landlord as he builds his business. 

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