Monday, February 20, 2012

Forward Swindon

Trip to Swindon on Tuesday 14 February 2012

Second year Construction Management students were shown around the site of the Union Square project in Swindon by Chris Hitchings, Director of Development at Forward Swindon, the owners of the site. Chris explained to students how the area will incorporate the latest concepts in shared space and progressive partnerships. These ideas are based, at least in part, on some of the large-scale developments in the Netherlands that the CM students visited in January.

Have a look at the plans for the redevelopment of Swindon on the Forward Swindon website.

The students are all working on their own version of the developers' brief for their Integrative Project module. The first photo shows the group of students standing at one edge of the Union Square project and the second photo shows the developer's view of what the project will look like when completed.

Photo by George Blumberg

Image from Forward Swindon
The developers are using a number of green walls in the redevelopment. This photo shows one of the green walls in Swindon's main shopping district - this is one of the largest in the UK. There is more information on the green wall available on the Forward Swindon website. If you want to find out more about green walls and why they are being used in developments have a look at the following websites:

Photo by George Blumberg

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